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Brand Design & Development, Website, Media Kit and Social Media Design

Mental Health and Wellness Coach

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Brand Aesthetic Direction

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Miss BE Management and Consulting Firm was looking to rebrand, emphasizing her niche within the coaching and mental health industry and better position and organize her service offerings. The goal was to redefine the brand to appeal to a wider audience base.


We not only rebuilt the visual identity for this brand, but we provided creative direction for her photoshoot so that she and members of her team could be seen, humanized and help build trust and loyalty. Since rebranding, Miss BE has been able to secure contracts and she feels much more confident sharing her marketing pieces to prospective clients.


Below is a walkthrough of how we helped reshape and transform this brand into a powerhouse brand.

S E R V I C E S   P R O V I D E D:
  • Brand Identity Design

  • Business Card Design

  • Letterhead Design

  • Photoshoot Direction

  • Media Kit Design

  • Power Point Presentation Template

  • Social Media Design

  • Website Design

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Avenir LT



Intentional Photoshoot that Properly Aligns

In an effort to humanize the new direction of Miss Be's brand and team expansion, we provided her with creative direction on the best
locations and photographers to pull the components of her brand together. As a result, Miss Be has a wide variety of photos that not only showcase her and her team but they help to better paint the picture of the atmosphere she provides her clients with along with clientele she wants to attract. 


Miss Be Photoshoot Strategy copy.png

Featured Brand Photos

1 (107).jpg
1 (133).jpg
1 (139).jpg
1 (124).jpg
1 (28).jpg

Brand Touchpoints Refined

As an active mental health professional, it was critical that all of Miss Be's marketing pieces were on brand to align with her new aesthetic direction. Doing so eliminates confusion and increases trust loyalty. 


miss be media kit copy.png
REV - Miss Be Letterhead and Biz Card.png
miss be social media copy.png
Miss BE powerpoint presentation copy.png

Establishing a strong brand presence is essential when aiming to build trust and recognition. 

Ready to establish your brand strategically? Get started today!

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