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Website Development and
Social Media Design


Coach and Wellness expert, Bianca Gambrah annually hosts, A Whole You Conference, an event that brings together wellness leaders across different industries to discuss best practices on how to navigate through life's challenges and provide a community of support to encourage individuals that they do not have to do life alone.

Although the ticket purchase process was run through a third party, Bianca wanted a website to serve as a resource for those who attended the conference and fully showcase the experience of what attending a conference is like. 


We designed a website that did just that, along with designing promotional materials to promote the conference across social media platforms.

S E R V I C E S   P R O V I D E D:
  • Collateral Design 

  • Website Design and Development


Establishing a strong brand presence is essential when aiming to build trust and recognition. 

Ready to establish your brand strategically? Get started today!

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