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My superpower is designing high quality brands for boss women like you who want to make some noise in the marketplace!

Hey, I’m Brandy!!

But there’s a little problem…

Your current brand is all over the place. Your focus is on everything except your people. You have a website with no strategy, no activity, no customers. The doors are open but ain’t nobody coming in. Or even worse, you haven’t touched your brand AT ALL. Ouch! I know, right?

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a brand that 1) truly resonates with you and what you do,  2) stays top of mind in your industry, 3) wows your potential clients at every touch point on and offline then…

I need to talk to you! Like right now! But listen, I work with women who are stuck on their brand journey and deeply desire to be seen AND chosen by their dream clients.
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Here’s something else you should know too..

I can help you only IF…

  1. You are ready for a one-of-a-kind brand experience 

  2. You are ready to open up and dig deep to uncover your brand

  3. You are ready to partner together to launch your brand successfully

GIRL! Listen, I was stuck too...

I was stuck on defining my brand! I too suffered in silence watching everybody glow up and get the paper (at least on social media). Then I would pout, doubt, and I say things like, “What about me?”

And I really got tired of being in that place. It was not fun! Life is meant to enjoyed, not just sitting around trying to enjoy other people’s lives. Where they do that at? 


Until I made the decision to invest in my growth, redefine what wealthy meant and looked like to me, things started to change. Once I stopped looking for next freebie and actually faced the music about my own super power, I then had to get people who wanted to see me win, believed in my potential to look me in my face and say, "Girl you need to get it together, for real for real!" AND DO THE WORK. I also had to stop wishing for success in my business and actually work toward success in my business.

I knew I had something great to offer so I tapped in, got serious and intentional about building a legacy for my family.


Something tells me that you want the same thing too so... 


Don’t want you to stay in the shadows like I did.

Come on out and let your brand and expertise shine!

  • God Comes First
    No matter the time, day, situation or hour.


  • Bully-Free Zone
    Bullying is never cool and certainly not tolerated here.

  • Honesty Wins.
    I love to partner with women who are unapologetically themselves.
    Being yourself sells.

  • Your Commitment is Not Optional, it is REQUIRED.
    I encourage women to stop rolling with the punches and push through the barriers to become the leader they really are in their industry.

  • Mistakes are not THE END of your story.
    We all fall down but we get up too. I help you see beyond your mistakes and bounce back like a real boss.

  • Vision, revived!
    I’m here to revive the true essence of your brand with strategy, action and visuals to ignite your business into #playingnogames land! 

My Values

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