Heeeyy there ladies! Let’s be honest for a sec...

 Is Your Brand Still
Under Construction?

Well, I can help you change all of that! I create effective brand solutions infused with strategy for women-led businesses who desire to maximize their impact, make a lasting impression and increase their revenue!



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Now, what would your business look like if your
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The bomb.com right??!

However, oftentimes, I see a lot of women business owners brand themselves backwards. Focusing on all of the visual elements before having clarity on the basics: who they are, who they serve and how they serve them. Which leads to brand fatigue, to no sales to no results.
I’d say it’s time to ditch that madness. Let’s get it together tuhday!

Does this sound like you?

"Rolling with the punches" with branding because you're unclear of what it is and how it works.

You tried DIY’ing your brand but it’s taking too much of your time.

 Low key ashamed to show your website OR say you don’t have one.

Got a lot of freebies clogging up space on your desktop and still have no results.


Everyone wants to stand out. But don’t be tempted to mimic what others in your industry are doing. It doesn’t work (you’ve been warned :) ). Your customers want to do business with you because you have something that no one else has: YOU.

Here’s the thing:

You desire to be chosen by your dream clients and make money like you supposed to.
You deserve to own a brand that is brilliant and unique just like you.
You don’t want to leave another wad of cash on the table.

Sooo.....Get off the sidelines!

It’s time for you and your brand to get in the game and get loud, neeeoooww!
Your clients and customers are waiting on you! :)

Discover Your New Brand! 

Sis, you're not alone.

I know you got goals... (even during a pandemic)

Wrapping your head around what’s all needed in a quality brand can be
overwhelming and I see you trying to digest it all in one sitting.


You’re one more Google search away from cracking the code.
Attend one more free webinar and you’ll have what you need.
You want that formula already!!

Plus, you’re a goal crusher working your butt off and...

COVID-19 has triggered your desire to take your brand to the next level.

You have so many ideas in your head and too many lists to keep track of.

You’re tired of trying to figure it out AND run your business seamlessly at the same time.

So, it doesn't matter if…

  • You are stuck and frustrated

  • Budding or established in business

  • Tall or short :)

It's time for a real, profitable change with your brand and,

 I am here. For. You.

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For the last 8 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing and talented women who are taking the world by storm! Of course, it’s more than just designing amazing things for me. I love to see women win big, excel and crush their goals! I want you to not be good but GREAT!

And by the way, hey, I’m Brandy but you can
just call me your
Brand Builder.